Freeman Foote Field Trips

To celebrate his 65th reunion in June, 2007 Dr. Joseph Lintz ’42 created an endowment to support the Freeman Foote Field Trip Fund for the Sciences. The fund provides income to support faculty-student field trips pertaining to academic courses (including tutorials) in the sciences, with a preference for Geosciences. After… Continue reading »

Global Initiatives Venture Fund

The Global Initiatives Venture Fund was established by the Class of 1962 on the occasion of their 50th reunion. Overseen by the Dean of the Faculty, it is intended to support initiatives that will significantly enhance our students’ global understanding through expanded opportunities for educationally rigorous and enriching international study,… Continue reading »

Class of 1963 Sustainability Development Fund

To mark their 50th reunion in 2013, the Class of 1963 established a fund to support teaching and learning on the subject of sustainability. It is meant to encourage faculty members to develop new and innovative ways to educate students on the cultural, economic, political, and scientific (or other) dimensions… Continue reading »

Tutorial Development Stipends

In 2001 the faculty at Williams identified the tutorial program as a curricular initiative and set out to roughly double the number of tutorials offered each year.  Some of the academic departments and programs were already accustomed to teaching tutorials, but not all.  So to promote the development… Continue reading »

Writing / Creative Endeavors Roundtables

Each semester, the Dean of the Faculty will appoint up to twelve faculty members to participate in this initiative. Organized into complementary groups of four, their only responsibilities will be to meet for discussion (online is expected during the pandemic) at least six times during the semester (and/or the summer)… Continue reading »

Teaching Roundtables

Each semester the Dean of the Faculty will appoint up to twelve faculty members to participate in this program. Organized into self-governed and complementary groups of four, their only responsibilities will be to meet for discussion at least six times during the semester and to organize a round-robin schedule of… Continue reading »

Assistant Professor Leave Grant Program

Tenure line assistant professors at Williams College are provided two semesters of paid professional leave before the tenure decision. This is called an Assistant Professor (AP) Leave. The timing and terms for AP leaves are described in the Faculty Handbook, Section… Continue reading »

The Hellman Fellowships

The 2024-2025 Hellman Fellowships The Hellman Fellowships grant competition has been made possible by a generous gift to Williams College by The Hellman Fellows Program. Objectives of the Hellman Fellowship These grants can be used to support any significant research endeavor, either in Williamstown or while traveling. Continue reading »

The Class of 1957 Summer Research Program

For Faculty Members in Divisions I & II, proposing collaborative research on campus with a full-time student research assistant in the summer of 2024. Objective: This program is primarily funded by a generous gift from the Class of 1957, intending to encourage and enhance in-person faculty-student… Continue reading »

The Class of 1945 World Fellowship Program

The 2024-2025 Request for World Fellowship Proposals Objective: The Faculty World Fellowship Program is made possible thanks to the generosity of a 50th reunion gift from the Class of 1945. It is designed to support international research and study abroad during a semester of leave. It also targets research promoting… Continue reading »

The Sabbatical Salary Grant Program

The College offers two basic options in its sabbatical leave program for tenured faculty. Tenured faculty may apply either for a full sabbatical (year-long) or for a mini-sabbatical (semester-long). Sabbatical Salary Grants are awarded during a term of paid leave when external salary funding is unavailable to provide… Continue reading »