Quick Overview

  • Catalog is finalized prior to pre-registration. Check the CEA webpage for final instructions.
  • Winter Study curriculum is due to the Winter Study Committee
  • Identify students to interview for evaluation of untenured colleagues, as appropriate
  • Meet with first year tenure-track faculty and submit signature form to DoF (either in April or May)
  • Notify untenured faculty with no decision pending when the department would like an updated CV and brief statement
  • Part I of Staffing Report due this month
  • Place book orders (by mid April)


(also May) Solicit names of students to be interviewed who are currently in the classes of untenured faculty members. See Section II-M of the Faculty Handbook for details of the student interview process. Typically, half of the students interviewed come from those recommended by the untenured faculty member; the other half may be chosen by the department, at the discretion of the chair. Some departments opt to have these students randomly selected by the Registrar’s Office.

Remind new and visiting faculty who started in the spring semester that they are required to use course evaluations at the end of the term. Advise them as to how the evaluation forms are to be administered.

Towards the end of their first year, meet with each faculty member whose appointment carries eligibility for tenure to review their work, convey pertinent information, and give appropriate advice. Using a signature form, the chair and the untenured member notify the dean of the faculty when the meeting has taken place.

Discuss the tenure or reappointment process with untenured faculty member as early as possible and inform the dean of the faculty by submitting the signature form.


Part I of Staffing Report due. This is a senior faculty report and should be discussed by all tenured members of the department or program. It does not, however, need to be initialed by all tenured members. For details on what is to be included in the report, refer to the memo you received in January, as well as Faculty Handbook, Section II-F [due mid April].

Units may also submit requests for a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the April staffing report. More information about these proposals can be found on the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships Request for Proposals page.


The catalog is finalized prior to pre-registration. Check the CEA webpage for final instructions.

Instructors should submit WSP course descriptions to chairs for review. [due early April]

WSP course offerings should be submitted to the WSP Committee. [due mid April]

Though it may seem impossibly early to be planning for fall semester courses, the Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that students be informed of book expenses associated with courses for which they preregister. Thus, please remind your colleagues to place their book orders as early as possible.