Quick Overview

  • Collect written documentation of class visits conducted during the spring semester
  • Insure that student interviews for untenured colleagues have been conducted, as appropriate
  • Meet with each first year tenure-track faculty member
  • Discuss Reappointment and Tenure review process, as needed
  • If desired, meet with divisional CAP representative to discuss any FTE allocation requests made in Staffing Report Part I
  • Review their unit’s records retention schedule
  • Meet with the records manager as needed per Academic Units and Records Management plan
  • Discuss Commencement details (marching, robing, etc.) with new faculty
  • If you are completing your term as chair, schedule meetings with the incoming chair to facilitate the transition


Notify tenure-track faculty for whom no decision is pending and lecturers in their first four years in rank that an updated CV is due to department or program chair in early August.

In May or June, obtain written comments from tenured members of the department who have visited untenured faculty classes, as described in the Faculty Handbook: “The visitor should discuss their observations with the untenured faculty member after the set of visits. A written statement of the strengths and weaknesses of the classes observed and suggestions for improvement should be given to the untenured faculty member and to the chair.” (Faculty Handbook Section II-M)

At the end of their first year, meet with each faculty member whose appointment carries eligibility for tenure to review their work, convey pertinent information, and give appropriate advice. Using a signature form, the chair and the faculty member notify the dean of the faculty when the meeting has taken place.

Be sure that student interviews for untenured faculty members have been conducted by members of your department. Refer to the Faculty Handbook Section II-M or to your department evaluation methods for details.

In the event that your department conducts exit interviews with graduating senior majors, you will want to schedule these interviews well in advance of graduation.


Once you have submitted Part I of your staffing report in April, please confirm your future departmental commitment to related programs with the relevant program chairs.

Staffing requests, submitted in April as Part I of the staffing report, will be considered by the CAP. If desired, Chairs meet with their elected divisional representatives to discuss FTE allocation requests of their department as the CAP begins its deliberations.


Upon completion of the pre-registration process, monitor course enrollment figures for the fall semester. These figures will help you to determine if enrollment caps or cancellation (due to underenrollment) are needed.


Discuss Commencement details (marching, robing, etc.) with new faculty. Please contact the college marshal if you have questions.

Discuss with colleagues any student awards to be given out at Class Day or Commencement.