Staffing Report, Part II Deadlines

The following deadlines reflect the order in which the Committee on Appointments and Promotions will take up business.

A. Reports from tenured members of the unit:

  • September 15:  Reports on assistant professors for whom no decision is pending (include CV’s)
  • September 15:  Unit’s evaluation procedures
  • October 1: Reports and recommendations on reappointment decisions
  • October 1:  Reports and recommendations on renewal of appointments for lecturers (include CV & self-evaluation)
  • October 15:  Reports and recommendations on promotion/tenure decisions
  • October 15: Any other matters the unit wishes to bring to the attention of the CAP

B. Reports from full professors in the unit:

January 15:

  • Associate Professor 4th year interim reports (include CV & self-evaluation)
  • Promotion to Full Professor reports and recommendations (6th year) (include CV & self-evaluation)
  • Promotion to Full Professor update reports