Quick Overview

  • Staffing requests for new tenure-track appointments are due
  • Late Feb. or early March, receive Staffing Report Part I memo from Dean of Faculty and schedule department/program meetings as appropriate
  • Send copies of offer / acceptance letters to dean of faculty office
  • Final revised catalog copy (which will be sent to you by the registrar’s office) is due to the registrar


(late March) The Office of the Registrar will return a proof of your department’s course offerings for the upcoming year. This should be distributed to all department members to confirm that the contents are correct. Exchange of proofs with the Registrar’s Office will continue throughout the spring as late hires or other final changes are confirmed.

Deadlines for submission of your unit’s Winter Study course packet will be coming up in early April.


Please send a signed copy of the offer letter and acceptance letters along with a CV for all successful searches as soon as possible.


Memo – 1960 Scholars budget request for the upcoming academic year. This memo is sent to departmental 1960 Scholars representatives and to chairs. A decision on the allocation of this money is usually made in June.

You will receive information from the Admission Office about the two “Preview Days” for newly accepted students in April. All departments and programs are asked to provide one representative at an Open House on each of the two days.

Self-Service:  Please remind your other colleagues that if they have any changes in personal demographics they should log on to the PeopleSoft HR database and make the changes via the self-service module. PeopleSoft Self-Service