Faculty Director, Williams-Exeter Programme

Senior members of the faculty are invited to apply for the position of Director of the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford University (WEPO).  This appointment is for the two-year term from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022.

Background.  Since 1985-86 Williams has offered a year-long program of study at Oxford University.  Twenty-six students attend each year, enrolling in regular Oxford tutorials from the beginning of October through the end of June.  With status as visiting students at Exeter College they enjoy access to virtually all of the university’s facilities, libraries, and resources.  The program is headquartered about 1.5 miles from the city center in facilities owned and operated by Williams.  The complex consists of several buildings—student living quarters, program offices, and a private director’s residence—surrounding a communal garden.  The staff includes an administrator, two night porters, a custodian, and a part-time librarian.  Additional information is available online at exeter.williams.edu.

Eligibility and Responsibilities.  All senior members of the Williams faculty are eligible to serve as WEPO Director.  This is a two-year appointment, in Oxford.  The director works to create community, to monitor the academic progress and personal welfare of the students, and to manage the general administration of the program.  There is no classroom teaching required but it is a full-time endeavor.  Routine responsibilities include selecting the students who participate, making arrangements for tutorials, overseeing residential life, managing the staff, setting and controlling the budget, and preparing annual reports.  The director also promotes cultural integration and seeks out co-curricular opportunities for student learning.  Less tangibly, the WEPO director facilitates communication between Williams and Exeter, and serves as an ambassador for Williams in Oxford.  It is a big job for a small program.

Terms.  While serving in Oxford the director is on fully active service and receives her/his regular salary plus a supplement of $10,000.  There is a cost of living allowance as well, to account for higher prices in Oxford than in Williamstown.  The college pays for immigration and relocation expenses to/from Oxford, housing, a college car, education expenses for dependent children, and one personal trip home for the director and his or her family during the two-year term.  Professional tax advice is provided.  Finally, regular research funding is boosted by $7,500 per year.

Selection.  The WEPO director is appointed by the President in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty.  Selection is not based on seniority but rather on personal qualifications, depth of relevant experience and related service, affinity for student deaning, and potential for faculty career benefit.  Other factors include the impact on department or program staffing in Williamstown, and budgetary considerations.

Timing.  Those interested in this opportunity for the 2020-22 term should submit a 1-2 page statement of interest and qualifications to the Dean of the Faculty by January 30, 2019.  A selection will be made by March 15 or as soon thereafter as possible.