Directory of Faculty Committees

Faculty, faculty-staff, and faculty-staff-student committees carry a considerable share of the responsibility for creating and implementing College policies.

There are a range of kinds of committees, from college-wide permanent “standing” committees to college-wide more specifically tasked committees that may have a more limited existence, “ad hoc” committees convened for a short period to address a specific issue, advisory committees that govern interdisciplinary academic programs, and subcommittees constituted within academic departments and programs. Faculty are generally appointed to committees beginning in their second year at the college, although sometimes faculty join or are appointed to departmental, program, or college committees during their first year.

Standing Committees

Standing faculty committees are permanent committees created by a vote of the faculty. Change in their composition or charge requires faculty approval. Standing faculty committees have either elected or appointed faculty members.

Some committees are constituted by election, such as the faculty members of Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP), the Faculty Steering Committee, the Committee on Educational Affairs (CEA), and the divisional representatives of the Standing Grievance Panel and Faculty Compensation Committee. Faculty members are appointed to all other standing committees.

Each spring faculty members are asked to indicate their preferences for assignments to non-elective standing committees (link to the preference form). The President, acting through the Dean of the Faculty, in consultation with the Faculty Steering Committee, then appoints faculty to those standing committees. The at-large members of the Faculty Compensation Committee, however, are appointed directly by the Faculty Steering Committee.

Additional college-wide committees

Program Advisory Committees

In addition to academic departments, there are 16 interdisciplinary programs at the College, each of which is governed by a program advisory committee and led by a chair.