Governance Archives

The following faculty governance archive resources are available.

Google Drive – This repository contains annual committee reports and the last ten years of Faculty Meeting minutes. It is accessible to all faculty.

1. Open Google Drive
2. On the left of the screen, under “Shared,” you should see *Faculty Governance Archives*

Unbound: Williams Digital Collections – This special collections resource contains many historical college documents including course catalogs and Faculty Meeting minutes dating from 1830s-present.

1. Scroll to the bottom of to sign in (using Williams unix ex. abc1 and regular password)
2. Then navigate to the following link to access the minutes.
3. The minutes are embargoed (available via Williams sign in)
4. Facet by year/ date of meeting on the right of the page
5. After signing in, if the minutes are still embargoed, please contact Jessika (Records Manager and Digital Resources Archivist) at [email protected]. She can quickly change your permissions in Unbound.