2022-23 Faculty Highlights

Thirteen faculty members will begin their appointments as assistant professors this academic year:

  • James Bern, Computer Science Department
  • Paresh Chandra, English Department
  • Kelly Chung, American Studies Program
  • Rebecca Crochiere, Psychology Department
  • Giuseppina Forte, Environmental Studies Program and Art Department
  • Allison Guess, Africana Studies Department
  • Mark Hopkins, Computer Science Department
  • Mike Hudak, Geosciences Department
  • Katie Keith, Computer Science Department
  • Preea Leelah, Romance Languages Department
  • Joel Pattison, History Department
  • Edgar Sandoval, Latina/o Studies Program
  • Phi Su, Anthropology and Sociology Department

One faculty member has been promoted to the position of senior lecturer:

  • Kim Gutschow, Religion Department and Anthropology and Sociology Department

Eight faculty members have been promoted to the position of associate professor with tenure:

  • Matthew Chao, Economics Department
  • José Constantine, Geosciences Department,
  • Christophe Koné, German and Russian Department
  • Joel Lee, Anthropology and Sociology Department
  • Ralph Morrison, Mathematics and Statistics Department
  • Justin Shaddock, Philosophy Department
  • Daniel Turek, Mathematics and Statistics Department
  • Aaron Williams, Computer Science Department

Four faculty members have been promoted to full professorships:

  • Sarah Jacobson, Economics Department
  • Luana Maroja, Biology Department
  • William Olney, Economics Department
  • Kelly Shaw, Computer Science Department

Eleven faculty members have received new named chair positions:

  • Christopher Bolton, Edward Dorr Griffin Professor of Comparative and Japanese Literature
  • Stephen Freund, A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Computer Science
  • Alexandra Garbarini, Charles R. Keller Professor of History
  • William Gentry, Carl Van Duyne Professor of Economics
  • Marjorie Hirsch, Class of 1924 Professor of Music
  • Nicole Mellow, Ephraim Williams Professor of Political Science
  • Peter Pedroni, William Brough Professor of Economics
  • Olga Shevchenko, Paul H. Hunn `55 Professor in Social Studies
  • Thomas Smith, J. Hodge Markgraf ’52 Professor of Chemistry
  • Carmen Whalen, Carl W. Vogt ’58 Professor of History
  • Safa Zaki, John B. McCoy and John T. McCoy Professor of Psychology