Policies, Forms, and Additional Information

Here you will find information to help you complete your grant application, including institutional data for compiling the narrative as well as federal and institutional policies related to grant-funded activities, budget requests, and reporting.

Procedures for External Grant Proposals: This page discusses required and recommended procedures for external grant proposals, such as contacting the provost’s office for approval and seeking feedback from the grants office.

Institutional Information:   This page contains official details about the college (i.e., institution official name, organizational address, tax identification number, DUNS number, etc.)

Williams College Common Data Sets:  Compendium of institutional data commonly requested by and found in college guide publications.  This information is compiled by the Office of Institutional Research.

College Policies:  Proposals must be prepared and grants administered in accordance with all college policies.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the most relevant policies that are included here: drug and alcohol, conflict of interest, scientific misconduct, faculty spending, and equipment policies.

Accounting and Reporting: This page explains basic requirements for reporting on your grant.

Travel & Business Expense Guidelines:  This page explains the rules of claiming travel and business expenses based upon Internal Revenue Service publication 463, Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses.

Faculty Grant Proposal Library (in GLOW):  This online library contains a collection of successful grant proposals written by Williams faculty.  Please feel free to refer to these proposals as you prepare your own grant applications. To access the files, you must first log-in.

Fringe Benefit Rates:  Fringe benefits, such as health insurance, are paid at a rate that is pre-determined by the college each year. Rates can differ depending on the time of year (academic year/summer) and the employment status (full-time/part-time/student) of the individual in question.  Please note that fringe benefit rates can change, so remember to consult this page for more information.

Science Information:  Visit the Williams Science Center’s site for specific details on equipment and instrumentation.  You can also refer to the Report of Science for complete information on science-related activities.

Federal Requirements for Conflict of Interest and Grant Effort Reporting:  Federal government agencies often have grant policies and reporting requirements in addition to those established by Williams.  More details about when, why, and how to report can be found via the link above.

Procurement Policy: Standards for use in establishing procedure for procurement of supplies and other expendable property, equipment, real property and other services.

Salary Request Form:  This form should be used by faculty on nine-month contracts who wish to draw a salary from a external funding source.  It gives human resources the necessary information so that they can process the request, including the amount, timing, and source of the funds. Typically, a faculty member who wishes to draw “summer salary” from a grant award will need to complete the salary request form.