Offboarding Resources

This page contains important information to help support faculty at the end of their employment with the college.

For Emeritus faculty, please also consult the Information for Retired Faculty page.


  • Faculty leaving the college are encouraged to contact Human Resources to discuss relevant decisions and information to consider.
    • Most benefits end at the end of the last month of an appointment.
    • COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a federally mandated program providing benefit continuation.
    • COBRA election forms will be mailed to you.
    • You have 60 days from your last of work to elect COBRA.
    • The cost of COBRA is the full premium of a faculty member’s plan; you will no longer receive the college contribution.
    • EAP services (e4Health) are available to faculty for three months after separation.
    • For those with college mortgages, please note that mortgage balances come due upon departure.
End of Appointment Checklist

    • Keys (building, office, etc.) should be returned to the Lock Shop in facilities.
    • Please return library materials, and any other college owned property.
    • Please shred Williams College purchasing or credit cards (check for personal charges on credit cards).
    • Please return all computer equipment (laptop and/or iPad, Flash drives, external harddrives, and other computer equipment) to OIT. If retiring with Emeritus status, please see OIT Information for Retiring Faculty.
    • Information about confidential record destruction can also be found at How to dispose of discards.
    • If you have additional questions or need assistance, please reach out to the records manager at [email protected] for help.
    • Please contact your department/program administrative assistant regarding your plans to vacate your office. Faculty departing at the conclusion of the fall semester should plan to leave their office by December 23. Those faculty departing at the conclusion of the academic year should vacate their office by the third Friday in June.
    • The Facilities Department does not provide general moving services when departing from the college. If you require the services of a moving company, such as supplies, packing services, and items shipped or delivered to a private residence, that would be considered a personal expense that can be arranged with a private moving company such as Connors Brothers.
    • Additionally, as noted in the spending guidelines, college funds should not be used for personal relocation or moving expenses within or beyond Williamstown.
    • Please settle any financial accounts i.e., p card charges and reconciliations, faculty club charges before the conclusion of your appointment.
    • Departing faculty should update their contact phone number and email address.
    • Please keep Human Resources informed about any address changes in order for us to send your W-2 tax form.