Background Check Policy

The College will conduct background checks on all job candidates to whom offers of employment have been made. This background check will verify educational records, employment history, and social security numbers, and also conduct a criminal records search and sexual offender registry search. Candidates will be asked to complete and sign a release authorizing the College to conduct the background check. All offers of employment are contingent upon its completion.

Background checks will be conducted by the College or by a reputable third party consumer reporting agency. All background checks will be conducted in compliance with federal and state law. Information obtained through a background check will be kept separate from the regular personnel file and will be maintained in strict confidence, consistent with the terms and purpose of this policy. Any important findings will be discussed with the candidate by the Dean of the Faculty. If, after this discussion, the Dean considers any finding to be relevant to the interests of the College, the Dean will consult with the Committee on Appointments and Promotions before making a final determination concerning the influence of the finding on an offer of employment.

If an individual is to be denied employment, promotion or transfer wholly or partly because of information obtained in a background check, the individual will be so informed in advance of any adverse action. In addition, where required by law and to the extent applicable, the individual will be given (a) a copy of the relevant background check report, (b) a summary of the individual’s legal rights concerning the background check report, and (c) the name, address and phone number of the third-party vendor if the individual has questions about the results of the report or wants to dispute the accuracy of the report. (Note, however, that the vendor does not make employment decisions and will unable to provide any individual with specific reasons as to why the adverse action was taken.)

Any questions concerning this policy may be directed to the Dean of Faculty’s Office.