Winter Study Teaching for Spouses/Partners of Faculty

Spouses/partners of Williams faculty members who would like to teach as adjunct instructors for the Winter Study Program are encouraged to submit proposals. Departments and programs have been allocated adjunct positions and are therefore able to act as sponsors. This is the most common route for spouses and partners to apply. However, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty will also act as sponsor for a few of these positions each year.

The “Winter Study Course  Proposal Form” and “Adjunct Application” form are both available online at Registrar/Winter Study and are due each year in early April. These should be completed and submitted first (and at least one week prior to the published due date) to an appropriate department or program. If that department or program is unable to sponsor the course, the forms can then be submitted to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. Proposals that have been submitted either to a department/program or to the Dean’s office will be reviewed and then forwarded to the Winter Study Committee for final selection.

Last updated 9/4/15