Year at a Glance

This calendar is meant to give faculty a sense of when various things that might impact them occur over the course of a typical year.  Specific deadlines are not provided here, so faculty should follow the links provided to get more information concerning specifics.  In many cases, faculty will want to consult with their program or department chairs to get details of what’s entailed in meeting some of these deadlines.

Approximate Time of the Year Annual events & deadlines that impact many/most faculty Internal Funding/Program Deadlines:

Beginning of new fiscal year

Review enrollments for fall courses

Summer Science Program

Summer Humanities and Social Sciences Program


 Reading packets for fall term due to Office Services

Fall course registration re-opens

New faculty orientation

Summer research programs end

Williams Admissions Open House


New Student Orientation

Academic Expo

Beginning of semester


 NEH summer stipends



 Reading Period

Book orders for spring term due to Water Street books

Winter Study registration

 Oakley Center Manuscript Review Program





 Class of 1945 World Fellowship Program

Hellman Fellow Grants


End of semester

Budget requests for next academic year*

College-wide winter shutdown

 Global Initiatives Venture Grant

Tutorial Development Stipend proposals

Class of 1963 Sustainability Development Fund

Freeman Foote Field Trips

Sabbatical Salary Grants


Winter Study

Annual updates on professional work for Dean of Faculty Office

Reading packets for spring term due to Office Services

 Writing /Creative endeavors Round Table for spring term

Teachers Round Table for spring term


Claiming Williams Day

EDI course proposals due (to Roger Kittleson)

Departmental and Program Course Descriptions for next academic year*

Contract Major proposals (w. faculty sponsor signatures and recommendations)


 Div I and II Summer Research Program (faculty)

Mellon Mays and Allison Davis Research Fellowships (students)

C3 Undergraduate Fellowships (students)

Claire Booth Luce Scholars Program (students)

Summer Science Research Positions (students)


 Travel course proposals for Winter Study due

Spring break

 Oakley Center Fellowship

Summer student CES internships


Winter Study course descriptions for next academic year*

Book orders for fall term due to Water Street Books

Registration for fall semester (and advising/major declaration)

Williams Previews (admitted students visiting campus)

May End of semester

 Assistant Professor leave grant applications




Report of Science*

Contact first year advisees, pre-registration for fall courses for first years

Alumni Weekend

Summer research programs begin

 Writing /Creative endeavors Round Table for fall term

Teachers Round Table for fall term