Grants & Funding

Grants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and sometimes you will find an opportunity or a prospective organization that aligns exactly with your project.  Other times, the prospect research process can spark ideas you had never considered that can guide your work in a new direction. You can divide your funding search into two categories:

  • grants from external organizations such as federal agencies, private foundations, or corporations and
  • grants from internal sources within the college.

Browse Selected External Opportunities

The CFR office curates a list of popular opportunities from both public and private sources that are well-aligned with the kinds of projects undertaken by liberal arts college faculty.  These grants are selected to give you a broad introduction to the variety of opportunities that are available to you, and you can browse them by discipline:

Fine and Performing Arts
Sciences and Mathematics
Social Sciences

External grants come from both public and private sources.  If you are looking for federal grants only, you can explore  Although you may have only worked with federal opportunities in the past, we highly recommend exploring the grants available from private prospects, such as corporations and foundations.  Please contact Bridget Wiffin, Assistant Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, to utilize the restricted Foundation Center database, which is well-suited to research private funders.  You can also perform your own initial research through our specialized funding databases, described below, or work with Bridget to develop a comprehensive list of prospective opportunities.

Williams subscribes to two large databases that you can use to explore both public and private funding opportunities.  Please note: These databases are only accessible through a college IP address.

Grant Forward

Both SPIN and Grant Forward will allow you to apply a variety of filters to your search to narrow down your results. For example, you can search by subject area (mathematics, philosophy, Asian studies), by project type (research, travel, training, workshop), or applicant type (individual, collaborative, early-career).  You can also save your searches and schedule updates to be emailed to you on a regular basis.

We recommend keeping your search broad, especially in the early stages of the process.  You can also work with the CFR Office to develop a custom-tailored prospect list for your project.

Internal Funding Sources

Williams College offers a limited number of small fellowships and grants that are administered through the Dean of Faculty’s Office and are available to Williams faculty only.  The Dean of Faculty’s Office has compiled a “Year at a Glance” calendar, which conveniently situates important fellowship due dates in the context of the academic year schedule.  If you have questions about internal opportunities, please contact Assistant Dean of the Faculty Megan Konieczny.

For Early-Career Faculty:

Assistant Professor Leave Grant Program
Hellman Faculty Fellowships

For Research and Travel:

Class of 1945 World Fellowship Program
Class of 1957 Summer Research Program (for student research assistants)

For Pedagogy and Course Development:

Class of 1963 Sustainability Development Fund
Global Initiatives Venture Fund
Teachers Roundtable
Tutorial Development Stipends
Freeman Foote Field Trips
Hyde Teaching Fellowship


NEH Summer Stipends (Note: The college can nominate TWO candidates.  Apply through the Dean of the Faculty’s Office.)
Oakley Center Fellowships
Oakley Center Manuscript Review Program
Sabbatical Salary Grant Program
Supplemental Funding
Writing/Creative Endeavors Roundtables

Williams recommends that you consider both internal and external funding sources.

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