Annual Activity Report

To:     The Faculty

From: Denise Buell, Dean of the Faculty

This webpage contains suggested guidelines for submitting an annual activity report. Your report serves as the best mechanism to keep your files in the Dean of Faculty’s Office up to date. In addition, the only way to be eligible for a merit raise is by submitting this report and/or a current CV to my office, with a copy to the chair of your department or program.

As indicated below, your report should describe any noteworthy achievements and contributions in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service during the past calendar year. You can either submit this in narrative form or you can choose simply to highlight key entries on your CV to call attention to recent activities; or you can submit both. Since this is a communication to me and, through me, to the Provost and the President, it is also an opportunity for you to raise issues and concerns with us or just to let us know how you are doing. We look forward to this annual update of the faculty’s many accomplishments.

Once you have created and saved your report, please return to your personalized email and follow the embedded URL to complete the process. The due date is January 9, 2017.

I appreciate knowing of and acknowledging our faculty’s many accomplishments and look forward to reading your report.

Topics of Annual Activity Report

Please comment on any or all of the following:

  • all courses taught during the past calendar year (at minimum, provide a list of courses taught, including Winter Study if applicable)
  • teaching performance (we do not need all the SCS numbers)
  • curricular innovation/development/use of technology
  • contributions to interdepartmental and/or graduate programs
  • supervision of independent study/research students
  • advisory roles (majors, first-year, grad-school, other student groups)
  • mentoring of students (beyond supervising or advising)
  • summer teaching activity

Scholarship and Creative Work:
Please describe (or highlight on your CV) scholarly contributions during the past calendar year:

  • publications and/or works in press or under review
  • presentations, performances, exhibitions
  • external reviewing (e.g., of manuscripts, articles, grant proposals, grant funding panels, department reviews or promotions at other institutions)
  • professional recognition (e.g., grant proposals funded, fellowships, election to professional associations)

Please describe your service to the college and/or its broader community in the past calendar year:

  • service at the department and program level (administration, ad hoc or standing committees)
  • service at the college-wide level (administration, ad hoc or standing committees)
  • mentoring colleagues
  • participation in on-campus public lectures, panel discussions, etc.
  • service outside the college community

Other Activities:
Please describe any other activities that you would like to bring to the attention of the Dean.

Additional questions:

  • Which of the contributions/achievements you have described are you most proud of, and why?
  • Are there any colleagues at Williams who have been particularly helpful to you in developing your teaching and/or scholarship during the past year?
  • Other comments.