Annual Activity Report

Your annual activity report serves as the best mechanism to keep your files up-to-date in the Dean of Faculty’s Office and to highlight your recent achievements. This is a communication to the Dean of Faculty and through the Dean to the Provost and the President, so it is also an opportunity for faculty to raise issues and concerns with us or just to let us know how you are doing. We always look forward to this annual update.

In addition, this report informs the merit raise process; only faculty who submit a report will be eligible for a merit raise that fiscal year. A merit raise recognizes extraordinary performance in a single year or a cumulative record of strong performance. It is determined by the Dean of Faculty in consultation with the Associate Deans of Faculty, Provost and President and is currently allocated as a modest increase to base pay.

An annual activity report should describe what you consider noteworthy achievements, contributions, or concerns in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service during the past calendar year. Please submit both your CV with highlighted key recent activities and a short narrative report. Once you have created and saved your report, please return to your personalized email and follow the embedded URL to complete the process. The due date is January 17.

*New in 2019-2020* –  Annual Activity Report Content

The Annual Activity Report should answer the question: Which contributions/achievements in the areas of teaching, scholarship/creative work, and service are you most proud of, and why?

We particularly welcome descriptions of:

  • curricular innovation/development
  • use of inclusive pedagogies
  • impact on students outside the classroom
  • professional recognition that is not reflected on your CV
  • contributions to building an inclusive community

Additional question: (optional)

  • Are there any colleagues at Williams who have been particularly helpful to you in developing your teaching and/or scholarship during the past year?