Assistant Professor Leave Grant Program

Tenure line assistant professors at Williams College are provided two semesters of paid professional leave before the tenure decision. Eligibility for an Assistant Professor (AP) Leave is restricted to assistant professors who have been reappointed to a four-year second term or whose initial appointments were for a term of more than three years. Further details about AP leave can be found in the Faculty Handbook

By policy, the salary for a 12-month leave is set at 75%. The college seeks to encourage a culture of active grant-seeking among its faculty members and expects faculty members to make every effort to secure funding from external grant sources to supplement their sabbatical salaries. However, when outside funding is not available, the college is committed to ensuring that no faculty member must live on less than 100% of base institutional salary during a 12-month assistant professor leave. 

Therefore, in addition to the 75% salary provided by the policy, the college will provide a supplement – the AP Leave Grant – to those assistant professors who do not secure external funding equal to at least 25% of their salary. That is, the college will work to provide backstop funding to bring the total external and internal salary up to 100% of the base institutional salary during a 12-month assistant professor leave.

Eligibility for AP Leave Grant: Grants are available to tenure-track faculty assistant professors to support projects for professional development while on leave, typically during the 4th year in rank. Applicants are also expected to demonstrate their attempts to secure external top-up funding.

Terms of AP Leave Grant

  • Assistant professor leave grants provide either 25% salary or the amount necessary to bring 75% salary plus any outside salary grant or other remuneration to 100% of the base Williams salary, whichever is less. 
  • Summer salary provided by multi-year external grants will not count against eligibility for an AP leave grant. 
  • However, outside salary from consulting or other employment during the 12-month AP leave year (July 1 – June 30) will offset eligibility for the AP leave grant, and any such salary that exceeds the faculty member’s base salary will also reduce the college’s 75% salary payment, dollar for dollar.

Examples: Here are some examples of how Assistant Professor (AP) leave grants might provide backstop support:

  1. Faculty member A applies for but receives no external salary funding: the college provides 100% salary.
  2. Faculty member B receives 10% external salary funding: the college provides 90% salary.
  3. Faculty member C receives 25% external salary funding: the college provides 75% salary.
  4. Faculty member D has a 3-year grant that provides up to 2.5 months of summer salary each year, but no top-up salary for the AP leave year: the college provides 100% salary.
  5. Faculty member E has a 3-year grant that provides up to 2.5 months of summer salary each year, plus 25% top-up salary for the AP leave year: the college provides 75% salary.
  6. Faculty member F accepts a visiting teaching position at another institution during the AP leave year and receives a salary amounting to 35% of their Williams salary: the college provides 65% salary.
  7. Faculty member G wins a fellowship which provides a 95% salary payment: the college provides a 5% salary.

Assistant Professor Leave Grant Application

Please click on the link above to submit an application for a Sabbatical Salary Grant. 

In the application, you will be prompted to fill in summary information. The following information will be required:

  • a project title and short summary (254 characters or less, and please note that this title and abstract may be used in an online list to publicize active faculty research projects at Williams College)
  • a funding statement, including information about any outside agencies or employers that have already pledged support and the amount of salary or research funding provided
  • copies of any external grant applications submitted

Deadline: Assistant professor leave grant applications should be submitted online by April 1 of the year in which the leave will commence.


  1. Grant applications frequently require you to list the expected support from your institution. As this program is supplemental, you should answer that Williams will provide you with a 75% salary for the assistant professor leave year.
  2. If you receive any outside remuneration during the period of your leave, you should immediately notify Chris Winters (x4352), Associate Provost.
  3. Please contact Megan Konieczny (x4351), Assistant Dean of Faculty, with general questions about the AP leave grants.