The Class of 1945 World Fellowship Program

The 2024-2025 Request for World Fellowship Proposals

Objective: The Faculty World Fellowship Program is made possible thanks to the generosity of a 50th reunion gift from the Class of 1945. It is designed to support international research and study abroad during a semester of leave. It also targets research promoting conflict resolution, global understanding, and world peace.

The World Fellowship is awarded annually to an individual (or individuals) selected by the CAP. The fellowship award will finance a research and travel budget to support the fellow’s program of study.

In consultation with the provost, the Dean of the Faculty has established guidelines and funding limits for the program. Selection of the fellow(s) is based on the applicant’s scholarly and teaching ability, the proposed project’s validity, and the project’s potential to strengthen the fellow’s future contributions to teaching and scholarship from a global perspective.

Eligibility: Faculty members who are scheduled for leave in the 2024-2025 academic year who plan to conduct research abroad.

Deadline: December 1, 2023.

Please note: Funds awarded will become available as of July 1, 2024.

The Class of ’45 World Fellowship Online Application (the 24-25 application period has closed)

Please click the link above to apply for a Class of ’45 World Fellowship.

You will then be prompted to fill in summary information and attach a short proposal and supporting documents. The following information will be required in the online application:

  • An updated CV
  • Project title and very brief abstract (250 characters or less)
  • A project proposal is submitted as an attachment in pdf or Word format. This proposal should include a project description, a clear timetable, and a context statement regarding the academic significance of the project within the faculty member’s overall plan of study during the semester of leave. There is no set length for the proposal. It should be thorough but concise and accessible to non-experts in the field. Supporting materials (e.g., bibliography) are welcome but not required.
  • A budget. Using this budget guide and sample template, please provide a detailed budget request for anticipated research fees and expenses, and be sure to indicate the contribution (or not) of internal funds already at your disposal (e.g., divisional research funds, named chair funds, travel allowance, etc.). Please also list any applications you have made to have the proposed work funded by an external granting agency and the results of those applications.
  • Spending guidelines: For guidance on budgeting and using faculty travel and research funds, see the detailed guidelines at
  • World Fellowships are granted to support travel and research abroad during a term of leave, and therefore, awarded funds do generally not carry over beyond the fiscal year for which they are granted.

Stewardship: To provide stewardship on the World Fellowship endowment, we ask recipients to submit a short report summarizing their work during the award year. Typically, these reports are submitted to the Dean of faculty by June 30 following the term of leave or sabbatical.