Writing / Creative Endeavors Roundtables

Each semester, the Dean of the Faculty will select up to twelve faculty members to participate in this initiative. Organized into complementary groups of four, their only responsibilities will be to meet for discussion (online is expected during the pandemic) at least six times during the semester (and/or the summer) and to organize a schedule of reciprocal exchanges of works in progress. These self-governed small group partnerships are meant to be informal and social, yet focused on exchanging ideas and gathering feedback about one’s scholarship or creative work. The intent of this program is to encourage the discussion of works in progress as well as strategies for pursuing scholarly and creative work. Ideally, participation in the roundtable will foster a spirit of collaboration and collegiality among faculty members that lasts beyond the funding period.

Eligibility. All faculty are eligible to participate. It is possible to participate more than once, but not in the same semester and not with the same set of colleagues. Preference will be given to pre-tenure faculty and to those who have never before participated in the roundtable program.

Application Procedure. Self-formed groups of four faculty colleagues should submit their names, a list of the work each group member will be sharing, and a short, one-paragraph description of the rationale for the group composition to the Associate Dean of the Faculty.

Guidelines. Groups of four can be formed within or between departments, programs, or divisions. The groups can also be formed within or between faculty ranks. We do not expect groups to form around shared expertise or research areas; however, the constitution of each group should be conducive to informed dialogue.

Deadline. The application deadlines are June 30 for participation during the fall semester, and January 15 for participation during the spring semester. Applications will be accepted after these dates if the program is not full.

Reporting. Each group is asked to submit a short report describing the process and schedule of their lunches and exchanges, and reflecting on the value of the experience including the advancement of works in progress. These reports should be submitted to the Associate Dean of the Faculty within one month of the end of the semester.

Incentive. Roundtable participants will receive a $500 research grant or salary supplement.  Please note that while it is possible to participate in this program more than once, the incentive payment is limited to three times. Also note that the incentive is not available to the same group of four (or substantially the same group) more than once.

Note. The Oakley Center also sponsors faculty research groups, the distinction being that the Oakley groups focus on a seminar topic of common interest, not necessarily linked to the advancement of individual scholarship or creative work. In addition to stipends for 8-10 participants, the Oakley program can also provide supplemental funds for invited speakers or other seminar related activities. Click here to read more about the Oakley program.