Class of 1963 Sustainability Development Fund

To mark their 50th reunion in 2013, the Class of 1963 established a fund to support teaching and learning on the subject of sustainability. It is meant to encourage faculty members to develop new and innovative ways to educate students on the cultural, economic, political, and scientific (or other) dimensions of sustainable systems.

Goal #1: The fund is aimed most specifically at the curriculum, to enhance student knowledge and awareness of sustainability as it applies within any subject area. Faculty in all departments and programs are therefore encouraged to apply for funding to offset expenses associated with the development and implementation of courses. Potential uses of the fund include, but are not restricted to:

  • faculty-student field trips, including extended spring break or Winter Study trips
  • invited classroom speakers
  • development of new labs or classroom exercises
  • procurement of instructional technology (hardware or software)
  • support of senior thesis projects
  • student summer research assistantships, to develop course syllabi
  • faculty travel for course development purposes

Goal #2:  The fund is also available to support co-curricular learning opportunities, i.e., academic projects or events not tied to a specific course offering. For example, the fund might be used for:

  • student summer research or internships, mentored by a faculty member
  • faculty-student conference travel
  • public lectures
  • workshops, colloquia, conferences

Eligibility.  All faculty members are encouraged to apply for funding, either as individuals or on behalf of their departments and programs. The fund will support awards totaling up to $50,000 or more each year, and multi-year awards are possible.

Application Procedure.  Applications should be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty and should include the following elements.

  • Project title and one-sentence summary
  • Project description (1000 words or less)
  • list of anticipated expenses

Application deadline for 2024-25 projects:  December 15, 2023.

Selection Criteria.   The Dean of the Faculty will review all applications. Priority will be given to projects that have a direct impact on the curriculum and student learning.

Post-award Requirement. Faculty members who receive Class of 1963 Sustainability Development awards will be required to submit a brief (one-page) summary upon completion of the project.