Global Initiatives Venture Fund

The Global Initiatives Venture Fund was established by the Class of 1962 on the occasion of their 50th reunion. Overseen by the Dean of the Faculty, it is intended to support initiatives that will significantly enhance our students’ global understanding through expanded opportunities for educationally rigorous and enriching international study, interaction, and experience, especially abroad.

As its name implies, this fund is meant to support ambitious new academic projects that require significant funding, perhaps for several years. These ventures will ideally develop students’ ability to understand and operate effectively in different cultural environments. Some potential directions for global initiatives include—but are not restricted to—the following:

  • international curriculum development
  • extended international field trips during spring break, to complement a spring term course
  • foreign language immersion trips, during Winter Study, spring break, or the summer
  • faculty-student international field research
  • on-campus residencies for international scholars and research collaborators
  • faculty travel to visit and assess study-away programs for a specific field or discipline

The Global Initiatives Venture Fund will support awards totaling up to $40,000 or more each year.

Eligibility.  All faculty members, departments, and programs are encouraged to apply for funding for projects starting July 1, 2020 or thereafter.

Application Procedure.  Applications should be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty and should include the following elements.

  • Project title and one-sentence summary
  • Project description, rationale, and timeline (approximately 1000 words)
  • Itemized budget request

This source supports expanded opportunities for educationally rigorous and enriching international teaching, learning, and research.

Application deadline for 2020-21 projects: December 15, 2019

Selection Criteria. The Dean of the Faculty will review all applications. Priority will be given to projects that will raise the visibility of international study among students at Williams and, hopefully, encourage students to integrate a dimension of such study into their educational objectives. Projects that emphasize student-faculty collaboration are especially encouraged.

Reporting RequirementFaculty members and students who have participated in projects supported by the Global Initiatives Venture Fund are expected to share their experiences with the wider College community via reports made to the Dean of the Faculty, which may then be posted on the college website.