Major Elements

The periodic review consists of several components that usually extend over more than a single academic year (and typically take about one and a half years in full).  These are outlined here, and described in further detail in the tabs to the left.

  • The self-study by the unit.  This is an internal process resulting in a self-study document produced by the unit to be distributed to the CAP, members of the external review team, and at the end of the process, the CPC.  The self-study will likely be a fairly substantial document and anything you can do to facilitate its legibility to readers (table of contents, index, summary statements) will be appreciated.  It should be submitted to the Dean of Faculty’s office at least 1 month prior to the site visit.  The bulk of the time in the review process will likely be spent on conducting the self-study.  Some aspects that are likely to require significant lead time and should be considered very early in the process (ideally in the semester prior to the unit’s main discussions) include:
    • how best to solicit feedback from students, particularly graduates
    • what data you might be interested in gathering from other offices on campus (e.g. , the Office of Institutional Research, the Registrar’s Office, the Admissions Office…)  These offices are wiling to help your unit collect the data that you might be interested, but getting your requests in early is critical, so you should consider setting up an appointment with these offices as early as possible (typically a full year before the external visit is planned.)
  • The site visit by external reviewers.  A team of external scholars and experts (~3) are invited to campus for an extended visit (typically over 2-3 days) to meet with all members of the unit, related constituencies, and the CAP.  After the site visit, the review team produces a report on the unit that is submitted to the Dean of Faculty for distribution to the members of the unit, the CAP, and the CPC.
  • A meeting between the members of the unit with the CAP to discuss both the internal self-study as well as the external reviewers’ report.