The Dean and Staff

Photo of Lara D. Shore-Sheppard
Dean of the Faculty, Kimberly A. '96 and Robert R. '62 Henry Professor of Economics
Hopkins Hall
Photo of Neil Roberts
Associate Dean of the Faculty, John B. McCoy and John T. McCoy Professor of Africana Studies and Faculty Affiliate in Political Science and Religion
Hopkins Hall
Photo of John P. Gerry
Associate Dean of the Faculty
Hopkins Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Academic budgeting
  • Department and Program Reviews
  • Faculty compensation
  • Williams-Exeter and Williams-Mystic
  • Endowed visiting professorships
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Curricular Initiatives
  • Faculty Leadership Opportunities
Photo of Megan T. Konieczny
Assistant Dean of the Faculty
Hopkins Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Academic operations and faculty policies
  • Internal fellowships and research funding for faculty members
  • Faculty member support related to individual financial information, awards, spending policies, and planning
  • Immigration liaison for international faculty members and the Williams-Exeter Programme
  • Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) for Williams College’s exchange visitor program
  • Academic Staff support
  • Academic space on campus, CIR Divisional Contact for the area of the Humanities
Photo of Gerrit Blauvelt
Director of Faculty Information Systems
Hopkins Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Faculty database updates
  • Faculty reporting needs
  • Staffing Reports Part I & II
  • Hiring and recruiting, including allocation memos, recruiting budgets, background checks, and new faculty onboarding
  • Annual activity report process for faculty
  • Chairs’ Handbook updates
  • Faculty Handbook updates
  • Dean of Faculty webpages
Photo of Laurie Booth
Executive Assistant
Hopkins Hall

Commencement and Academic Events

Photo of Carrie Greene
Director of Commencement and Academic Events
Hopkins Hall

Areas of Expertise

Support faculty and staff in the planning and execution of events

Responsible for production of Commencement and other College Marshal’s Office events

Responsible for approving and signing academic speaker/performer contracts

Grants Office

Photo of Brenda S. Thomas
Director, Grants Office
Hopkins Hall
Photo of Justine Beringer
Assistant Director, Grants Office
Hopkins Hall
Photo of Patti J. Exster
Grants Office Coordinator
Mears West, Rm 205