Course Reading Packet Instructions

Packet Production Checklist:

1. Scan all of your documents, including the Table of Contents, to create several pdf’s, or collect pdf’s provided by faculty.

2. Open the first pdf in Acrobat DC (available upon request through the OIT website) and save it as: departmental prefix_number.pdf:

i. Example 1: HIST_239.pdf
ii. Example 2: HIST_239_Pt1.pdf, HIST_239_Pt2.pdf, etc.

3. Combine scanned documents if needed:

i. Open the files you want to combine
ii. Tools – Combine Files – Add Open Files – Combine

4. If necessary, rotate your document:

i. View – Rotate View

5. Insert Blank Pages as needed.

i. Tools – Edit PDF
ii. Edit PDF menu – Organize Pages
iii. Insert – Blank Page

Be sure that all Blank Pages are even numbered in the document.

6. Number Pages

i. Tools – Edit PDF
ii. Header/Footer – Add
iii. Choose your page number format

7. If you have a color cover, save it as a separate file, and name it department, course number, cover, pdf, for example: “HIST_239_cover.pdf”

Cover List:
All packet covers should have the following information:
• Course Title
• Course Number (include department prefix)
• Cross-Listed Department and Number (if applicable)
• Part number (e.g. “Part 2” or “Part 2 of 3”) (if applicable)
• Semester and Year
• Professor’s Name

Packet Submission:

1. Fill out the Order Form. Be sure to include your account number. Save it as departmental prefix_number_cover.pdf, for example: “HIST_239_Form.pdf”

  1. Please send your Order Form as an e-mail attachment to ([email protected]). All reading packets should include a table of contents per the Dean of Faculty’s office for copyright issues.
  1. Drop your correctly named course packet in the Office Services Drop box.

 PC Instructions:

  1. Open the Computer icon on your desktop or from the Start menu.
  2. In the field at the top of the window, erase Computer, put in:  \\files3
  3. Hit Enter.  If prompted for a username and password enter:  ad_williams\your username and then your network password.
  4. After a moment you will see a list of folders.  Double click OfficeServices
  5. Right Click the OfficeServicesDropBox , drag it onto the desktop.
  6. Choose Create Shortcut Here.  From then on you can simply drop your course packet in this folder.

Note that you will now be able to view the file you dropped into the folder.  This is a change from our old Novell system.

 Mac Instructions:

  1. Open Finder, from the Go menu, Connect to Server
  2. Type (or copy and paste) in:  smb://files3/officeservices/officeservicesdropbox
  3. Click the + sign on the right to make this a favorite so you won’t have to type this in again
  4. Login with your short username and password
  5. A window will pop up and you can drag your course file into it.

For Administrative Assistants: If your faculty members routinely send their own packets to office services, you may wish to email them this instruction sheet and the PDF packet submission form.

If you have any questions, contact the OIT Help Desk at 4090.