First-Year Advising

First-year advising is a crucial part of the work of the faculty.  This page offers some resources to help as you work with your advisees.  The Brief Guide to First Year Advising explains the roles of advisors and includes links to other faculty and staff with whom you may want to connect your advisees.  Choosing First Year Courses describes the academic requirements of the College and some considerations in choosing among the hundreds of interesting courses available.  On the First-Year-Students  web site, you can find the schedule for First Days.

While your primary advising role is academic, your connection with your advisees may well make you a first point of contact if they are struggling with any aspect of their lives.  If you find yourself concerned about a student’s well being for any reason, don’t hesitate to call the Dean’s Office (x4171) , Health Services (x2206), or Security (x4444).  After hours, on call deans, psychological professionals, and emergency responders can be reached by calling Campus Safety and Security at 597-4444.

Tips on being an effective mentor

Resources for Advising First Generation Students

A Seasonal Guide to First Year Advising

Advising as Teaching

Academic Policies and Regulations