The Dean’s Annual Letter

10 September 2020

Dear colleagues,

As we begin this new academic year, I am writing to share my gratitude, to recognize faculty serving in leadership positions, and to celebrate faculty milestones and accomplishments.

Thank you for the hard work you have been doing all summer in preparation for reopening in this newly-imagined way. I know this work has taken you away from your usual summer activities, including time to focus on your scholarship.

I am particularly grateful to our colleagues who are serving in leadership positions this year: those who are chairing units and centers as well as those serving in a variety of roles that are at the heart of the intellectual life of the college. And of course, there are the many faculty members who are chairing committees. All of this work, particularly now, requires immense creativity and innovation.

This year, we welcome more than forty new faculty members, including visiting faculty, instructors, fellows, and tenure-line faculty. They join us at a time when it is more difficult but essential to find ways to build community and connections. You can read more about their work here. I look forward to a future opportunity when we can all meet in person.

I also want to congratulate our colleagues who have been recently promoted and those who have been recognized with named chairs. Your accomplishments are impressive and inspiring.

But most of all, I want to take special note of faculty who retired at the end of the last academic year. We were not able to give them the full public celebration they deserve, and we very much hope to be able to do that together in the future. Andrea Barrett (English), Charles Dew (history), Scarlett Jang (art history), Peter Murphy (English), Tom Murtagh (computer science), Dave Richardson (chemistry), and Betty Zimmerberg (psychology), we are thinking of you!

There will be ample time in the near future to share more news about the work of the Office of the Dean of Faculty, but for now, please know how grateful I am to be working with all of you.

With best wishes for a healthy and productive semester,