Running Meetings

Different groups will have different cultures surrounding meetings.  There’s a balance between too many meetings and too few.  Some practical advice as you begin leading meetings of your unit:

  • Set regular meeting times.
  • Have a clear agenda for each meeting, perhaps with time estimates for each item.  Distribute the agenda with supplementary materials in advance, highlighting topics of particular interest or complexity.
  • During meetings, be aware of group dynamics.  Is everyone participating? If not, can you work to discover why?  There may be issues that an individual is reluctant to raise but might be comfortable having you as chair raise.
  • Are there particular topics that are sensitive?  How will you frame discussion of these topics?  Do you want a free-ranging discussion or a more focused one?
  • When the group needs to decide on a topic, think in advance about how you’ll make each group decision.  By reaching consensus?  By voting?  Not every decision can be (or likely should be) handled the same way.