Tutorial Development Stipends

In 2001 the faculty at Williams identified the tutorial program as a curricular initiative and set out to roughly double the number of tutorials offered each year.  Some of the academic departments and programs were already accustomed to teaching tutorials, but not all.  So to promote the development of new tutorials across the curriculum, and at all levels, faculty were offered summer stipends of $4000.  This practice continues.  A request for new tutorial course proposals is issued each year in the fall semester and approximately a dozen of them are funded.  All non-visiting faculty members are encouraged to apply.  The stipends are paid in lump sum in July in recognition of the special effort required to convert existing courses or to develop entirely new tutorial offerings during the summer. The expectation is that each new tutorial will be offered during the first academic year after the stipend is paid and that it will be offered again at least one more time.  Faculty members should not apply for more than one tutorial development stipend in a given year.  Preference is given to those who have never before taught a tutorial or received a tutorial development stipend.  For questions, please contact Associate Professor Bojana Mladenovic, Director of the Tutorial Program.